Cashew Market Report – June 23, 2014

During May 2014, cashew prices moved up a bit in all origins and markets – increase in
price for broken grades was more than wholes. In the last 3 weeks, market has been

During weeks 24 and 25, range of prices has been W240 from 3.60 to 3.75, W320 from
3.20 to 3.40, W450 and SW320 from 3.05 to 3.15, Butts around 2.60, Splits around 2.50
and Pieces around 2.00 FOB for shipments upto Sep/Oct.  Prices for later positions are
few cents higher.

From middle of April, there has been reasonable activity in all markets, mainly for May-Aug shipments but some business was done for 4th quarter 2014 also.  Offtake in Indian
market was steady – there was small increase in prices for good quality product but
overall, prices moved in a narrow range.

RCN prices also moved up during the last six weeks.  Depending on quality and payment
terms, price range was 950 to 1100 for IVC, 1050 to 1150 for Ghana & Benin, 1150 to 1225
for Senegal & Gambia and 1150 to 1300 for Guinea Bissau.  During Apr & May, larger
portion of shipments has been to India but in the last few weeks, shipments to Vietnam
have picked up.  Shipments from IVC have been brisker than normal and quality has been
better than normal. There are reports that Guinea Bissau crop may be smaller than

Continuing the trend established in the last two years, many kernel buyers have been buying for smaller spreads to take advantage of lower prices from a larger number of smaller processors who need to sell on spot basis.  But, some buyers have been paying slightly higher prices to secure supplies for longer period from larger and better organized processors.

Despite the substantial increase in the prices of many other nuts in the last 6 to 12 months, cashew prices have been moving within a narrow range for more than 2 years.  Premium for higher grades and discount for lower grades has narrowed in the last six months. Indications are that cashew usage in the main importing countries has been increasing – probably as a result of the stable prices.

Prices paid for RCN in the current season are substantially higher than 2013.  This indicates that processors may not be able to continue selling kernels at the lower end of the range. At the same time, the need for small processors to keep selling regularly will prevent prices from going up too much.

Our feeling is that during the next few weeks, cashew prices will move in a narrow range near the higher end of the range.  There is a reasonable possibility that prices could move a notch higher than the current range during Fall 2014. And if that happens, market could move towards a new range for first half 2015.

We would appreciate your comments on market situation, views on trend + likely developments, any special information… and your interest.

Pankaj N. Sampat
Mumbai – India
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5 thoughts on “Cashew Market Report – June 23, 2014

  1. Thanks Pankaj! Always a great report.


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